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We were watching another one of those impressive ESPN Mobile commercials this morning, and we thought we'd check in and see how the much-ballyhooed big-bucks launch of the product was going. Of course, finding sales numbers is pretty much out of the question, and most of the mainstream press has focused on the "hey, you can download a Monday Night Football ringtone!" angle, so they're not much help either. (The exception was The Wall Street Journal's Walt Mossberg, who pointed out, among other problems, that "the phone's Web browser goes only to sites approved by ESPN." Hey, tell us about it, Walt.)

So we thought we'd ask around to all of our hardcore sports fan friends. Surely, with the raw number of sports addicts we know, someone had one, right? Even one they got free for promising to write a story about it or something?


Nope. We couldn't find a single person. We, and many of our cohorts, are young(ish) males with expendible income and an insatiable appetite for sports information. And we still couldn't find anyone who had one. Do any of you have one? Email us at and let us know. Someone. Anyone.

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