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This story is a little bit old, and pretty much everyone else has written about it, but we don't care, because we were gone all week and do not want to go down in history as having ignored it.

An autistic kid in upstate New York who had been a high school basketball team's water boy was put in the game during Senior Night ... and proceeded to drain six three-pointers.


You might have heard about this story, but you might not have seen the video. (You have to go to the right and scroll through the videos until you find it. It's well worth it.) The gym, almost literally, explodes; we started screaming "Gonna Fly Now" and jumping around the room just watching it on our little screen. Nothing jokey about this; it was honestly the best thing we've seen all month. You could call it inspiration, but we mainly just think it's really freaking cool. And it's new to us.

Autistic Basketball Hero [The Denver Channel]