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I'm watching the NFL Combine this afternoon until basketball heats up, observing the extremely intimate workouts like the one pictured above. I knew that they measured size, strength, and performance in drills, but I didn't know that they gave thorough prostate exams. I guess it's never too early.

Watching this, it's hard to imagine that scouts draw any kind of conclusions from what happens here. I hope their ultimate decisions are made by a combination of about 95% game tape, 5% combine numbers. The whole thing is fairly boring, with the monotony interrupted from time to time by moments of weirdness. One of the offensive linemen, while everyone else was wearing loose black shorts, insisted on going through an agility drill in light gray boxer briefs. Unsightly. I think you'd have to be a reeeeally big NFL fan to watch and enjoy this.


One guy did manage to steal a little bit of the show. The coach who was in charge of runnng the bench press made a habit of standing over them and screaming while they benched. He called a bald guy "Uncle Fester," called a ponytailed guy "Pocahontas," called an Italian guy "paisan," and said to another guy, "I see the mullett. I see it. Yeah, that's gonna come back."

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