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Those of you who woke up with a little bit of a hangover this morning can be thankful for at least one thing: You aren't Fernando Vargas. Look at that eye, man. That is disgusting. Who'd he fight, Deebo? I think that growth just scored an 11 on the Wonderlic.

The ref stopped the fight in the 10th, as he felt that Vargas could no longer see to defend himself from "Sugar" Shane Mosley's onslaught. Unless it was because of a freak accident, if you get to a point in your life where your eye looks like that and you didn't get receive millions of dollars in exchange, I think it's clear that you've made a series of poor decisions.

Said Vargas:

"It started to become a problem in the seventh round. I was wondering why they stopped the fight because I was putting pressure on him and backing him into the ropes. I kept wondering why they stopped the fight."

I think that picture should clear up any mysteries for you, Fernando.

Mosley has 'eye' for win [Edmonton Sun]