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A reader, calling himself (ominously) "the Hector Villanueva Posse," writes in from Boston to give us this photo of Johnny Damon memorabilia being drastically cut down in price in Boston.

This isn't that surprising, of course — though if we were a collectibles dork, we might buy that at that price; we can see that number inching up as people only ultimately just remember Damon as a Red Sox — but the rest of "Hector"'s report raised our eyebrows.


"The shop owner said he'd taken a bath on this and on a bunch of signed baseballs that he ended up giving to his kid for batting practice," Hector writes. "The life size cardboard Johnny Damon cutouts, though? Those sold fast — to a local rifle club for target practice."

Massachusetts-area citizens physically shooting at cardboard cutouts of Johnny Damon? We repeat: We are so freaking excited baseball is almost back.