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In the past, we've received emails saying we should check out Mark Prior's MySpace page. We've grown increasingly skeptical of alleged athlete MySpace profiles, if just because, well, about 85 percent of the time they're fake.

Well, an enterprising reporter at the Chicago Tribune's sports blog went to ask Prior if the profile was real. Prior's answer should help illustrate how important most athletes consider the Interweb.

Sully: "Do you have a blog?"
Prior: "What's a blog?"
Sully: "A Web site where you post items."
Prior: "No, I don't have a Web site."
Sully: "Did you know there was a blog with your name on it?"
Prior: "Is it that My Space thing?"

Of course, anybody paying attention knows that Prior couldn't handle a Web site; it would somehow end up getting him injured.

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