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Well, kids, Championship Week starts tonight, and you know what that means: The NCAA Tournament is tantalizingly close. We were trying to think of ways we could do the tournament justice, Deadspin-style, and we realized what makes this site fun is not us, but you. Who better to write about individual schools than a readership that knows them best?

Therefore, we'd like to invite you to join our big NCAA Tournament Preview Project. How's it work? Well, it's similar to the baseball previews we've started running. We're looking for Three Tiny Tidbits on each of the 65 tournament teams, and there's no one we trust more than you. If you're interested in writing about one of the teams listed — we'll be updating the tally as teams clinch spots or become locks — just email us at and state your case. We'll keep reminding you about this as we get closer to tourney time.

This'll be fun. If it works. Fingers crossed! Let us know if you have any questions. It's March Madness time, folks. We can't wait.

Deadspin Tourney Sign Up Sheet [Deadspin]

(By the way, if your school is taken, don't fret and don't be mad at us. There are 65 teams, after all.)