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Show of hands: Is anyone still interested in the boxers-shouting-at-each-other-and-then-it-nearly-comes-to-blows-at-the-press-conference routine? The last time that was fresh, we think, was when Max Baer insulted Jim Braddock's wife in 1938. But they continue to do it, for some reason. The latest example came on Tuesday, between Oscar De La Hoya and Ricardo Mayorga in a press conference announcing their fight on May 6. Yes — a press conference for a fight that is four months from now. But that's another issue.

We won't bore you with entire quotes. But here are the highlights: Mayorga calls De La Hoya "an old lady," and later says "I'll detatch his retina." De La Hoya comes back with "He s throwing fuel at the flame" and "I will knock you out." Then, of course, the shoving commences. And looking on in the background is Don King, who can clearly be seen smiling. And that is the way it should be, we believe. Don King, in the background smiling, is a metaphor for our times. We like to think that King was grinning in the background during most of the world's tragic confrontations — kind of like an evil Forrest Gump. Wasn't that King in the gallery, with a big grin on his face, during Saddam Hussein's rambling denouncement of the Iraqi court? We're pretty sure we saw him.

Mayorga Calls De La Hoya'Clown,' 'Old Lady' [MSNBC]