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Sigh. Honestly, we hate doing posts about labor woes. It's not that they're not important; they obviously are. It's just that, as fans, watching prolonged labor strife is like being in the room when everyone's talking about you like you're not there. All the issues being discussed are up for debate only because the fans pay the money and allow them to happen, but fans are always ignored during talks like this, as if they're not another party at the bargaining table, one more powerful and more important than both sides. Hey, guys? We're right here. Stop talking about us like we're not in the room.

Anyway, it looks like the NFL could be in some serious labor trouble, to the point that some major stars could be cut tomorrow and 2007 could be an uncapped season ... or worse. There's a certain smugness in stories about labor woes, as if beat reporters are trying to explain to fans why they should care more about this stuff. But we don't, because we've already been put in a situation where we have no control. It's just a bunch of rich guys in suits trying to divide up the pie; don't remind us of our own helplessness. Just wake us up when you've all figured out how to properly distribute all our money.

Owners Break Off Talks With Players Union [NFL]

(By the way, that picture is a figurine of NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue that was given to him by the CFL. So you know.)