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A couple of days ago, the Los Angeles Times' Bill Plaschke wrote a story about the emotional difficulties of Dodgers pitcher Derek Lowe, who last year famously left his wife for Fox Sports broadcaster Carolyn Hughes. (You thought we were gonna say "Fox Sports broadcaster Tom Arnold." Admit it.)

Anyway, Lowe talks about how difficult the year was for him.

"It was hard, it was hurtful, it was embarrassing," Lowe said. "You look at athletes, they say it shouldn't affect you, but you take your uniform off and you drive home and you're a person, and when things are bad, it's really tough."

We agree. When Lowe — who says he wanted to "go on the disabled list with emotional distress" and that he "just didn't care" — leaves his wife for the woman who hangs around the team as a "reporter," after a history of shady behavior with women, and then is found out, it can be hurtful and difficult. Particularly for, you know, your wife.

We don't intend to be mean. But forgive us if our Victim Meters are somewhat low for Mr. Lowe. If only he had married Andrei Kirilenko's wife/

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