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Perhaps the quarterback position at Virginia Tech is merely cursed.

Redshirt freshman quarterback Ike Whitaker, the man expected to eventually replace the gun-totingm Happy Meal-addled whack job that was Marcus "New Mexico" Vick, was indefinitely suspended by the Hokies for a "violation of team policy." The offense appears to be an arrest for purchasing and possessing alcohol, which he can't do, since he's just 18.


A source in Hokieland tells us, however, that Whitaker's hardly a younger Vick clone. In fact, he's oddly noble.

"Supposedly, he was seen downtown at the bars drunk [Wednesday] night, and when he was walking back to the dorms, he decided to heckle two kids sitting in a dorm. The group he was with accidently smashed a window, and while everyone else ran he decided it'd be the best idea to stay and explain to the cops that it's just an accident. The police showed up and smelled alcohol on his breath, so they took him into custody."

Ah, Ike. When a window is broken, you run. Hell, you surely run faster than your friends; let them take the heat. Freshmen. So much to learn.

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