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ESPN is dedicating nearly all of their resources today to finally giving some publicity to little-known basketball personalities Mike Krzyzewski and J.J. Redick. You've probably never heard of them, but I think this attention is long overdue. Why has ESPN ignored them for so long? This little basketball program they call "Duke" is on the rise. Mark my words.

Here's what the Worldwide Leader has planned for the day:

• The actual game is on ESPN
• ESPN2 will broadcast the "Above the Rim" view for the entire game
• ESPNU will broadcast Cameron Crazy Cam, cameras both in and on the fans at the game
• College Gameday was live from Krzyzewskiville
• will have live chats and polls during the game
• ESPN 360 will broadcast the game with extra stats
• ESPN Classic is playing old Duke/UNC games all day long
• ESPN mobile is providing live alerts and updates for all 7 of their customers


And I believe ESPN News will have a camera focused exclusively on Dick Vitale's crotch so you can expeience his erection each time Duke scores on UNC.

I don't think "overkill" is a strong enough word for this. But if you stay here with me on Deadspin, I promise I won't mention it again until "To Watch Tonight."