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MC Hammer (yes, the MC Hammer) has a sports blog, and he's taken a particular interest in the NFL's labor strife. He's asking readers of his blog to send in suggestions for the NFL on how to fix this thing, so he can then send the suggestions to the NFL, Gene Upshaw, and ESPN.

I can't wait until Sunday night at just before midnight when Scott Van Pelt tells us on SportsCenter that the union and the league have just struck a last-second deal. And then they'll go live to a Gene Upshaw press conference, and he'll say, "Well, things looked bleak for a while. We didn't think we'd get it done. But then MC Hammer sent us this proposal..."


You can enjoy Hammer's blog here. He's also got a post about A-Rod, and then the rest of it is about his son and some crazy dream he had where he was a cop in the south in 1968.

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