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Which Teams Should Really Consider Signing LeBron?

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Now that LeBron James is a free agent, it's time to start thinking about which team he might land on. Below is our list of the teams we think should make a serious effort to get LeBron, along with a thorough breakdown of how he would fit in. Buckle up.


Chicago Bulls

Adding LeBron to that defense sure would be something. He might be able to give the push the Bulls need to reach the top.

Los Angeles Lakers

LeBron and Kobe on the same team would make for some kind of duo! A playmaker like LeBron could really put this team back on the map.

Toronto Raptors

This is a spunky playoff team that could really make some noise in the East with LeBron on its roster.


Indiana Pacers

The Pacers were real close to making the NBA Finals over the last two seasons. LeBron could probably get them there.


Miami Heat

If anyone could get this team back to the finals, it's LeBron.

Oklahoma City

LeBron, Durant, and Westbrook? Now that would be a Big Three!

L.A. Clippers

Paul, Griffin, and LeBron? Now that would be a Big Three!

San Antonio Spurs

LeBron could really give this band of savvy veterans the push they need to lock down a repeat.


Brooklyn Nets

If the Nets really want to become the hottest team in New York, LeBron is their ticket.


Washington Wizards

This is a playoff team with a good young core. With LeBron, they become a real contender.


Portland Trailblazers

Aldridge, LeBron, and Lillard? Now that's a Big Three!

Golden State Warriors

The West is going to be stacked every year, but this team could really make some noise with LeBron on the roster.


Houston Rockets

Harden, Howard, and LeBron? Say hello to the new Big Three!

New York Knicks

The eighth seed in the East is up for grabs, and LeBron could lock it up for this team.


Detroit Pistons

The Pistons had a rough season last year, but LeBron could give them what they need to turn things around.


Charlotte Hornets

Al Jefferson and LeBron James would make for a dangerous one-two punch in the Eastern Conference.


Minnesota Timberwolves

If they can convince Kevin Love to stay and sign LeBron, this team would be very dangerous.


Phoenix Suns

Adding a superstar like LeBron to a good young team like the Suns could make for an explosive combination.


Memphis Grizzlies

The King would really fit in at The Grindhouse. What a defense that would be!

Boston Celtics

The Big Three is no more, but LeBron and Rajon Rondo would make for one heck of a Big Two.


Milwaukee Bucks

This team is building for the future, but LeBron could make them a threat in the present.


Atlanta Hawks

The East is going to be wide open next year, and LeBron could help this team rocket to the top of the conference.


Denver Nuggets

LeBron has exactly the kind of skills that this team needs to really become a threat in the West.


Sacramento Kings

DeMarcus Cousins is a force to be reckoned with in the paint, and LeBron would be the perfect running mate.


Dallas Mavericks

If LeBron teams up with Dirk Nowitzki, it's not hard to imagine the Mavs making one last run at finals glory.


Philadelphia 76ers

If this team had LeBron, you could book it for a playoff appearance every year.

Orlando Magic

Easily a playoff team with LeBron James on the roster.

Utah Jazz

LeBron is just the kind of player that could get the Jazz playing sweet music once again.


New Orleans Pelicans

Teaming LeBron up with Anthony Davis would be a great way to guarantee perennial playoff appearances.


Cleveland Cavaliers


So there you have it. These teams should really try to sign LeBron James.