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We knew the Cameron Crazies, the famed Duke Blue Devils cheering section, was well-organized ... but we had no idea it was this organized.

Some blessed soul has posted the sheet the Crazies were given before the North Carolina-Duke game last week, and it's chock-full of fruity goodness. Some highlights:

‚ÄĘ "Maryland fans yell 'Bullshit' on a bad call, but, to be honest, we have more class and are more creative than that. On bad calls, try chanting 'We Beg To Differ.'"
‚ÄĘ "Obviously, do not insult Rutgers."
‚ÄĘ "Andrew Tyler Hansbrough ... a 20-year-old freshman ... alien-like features ... Bobby Frasor was at his desk when Tyler woke up screaming about snakes in a nightmare."

Actually, we really enjoyed this document; for the first time, it kind of sounds like fun to be a Cameron Crazy. Except when, uh, they lose on Senior Night to North Carolina.

Cameron Crazies Worksheet [PutFile]