1. Beware Of The S and H. Against teams with an S and an H in their school name (Memphis, Washington, Washington St., Southern California), UCLA is 3-4. Against everyone else, UCLA is 21-2. Don t say I didn t warn you.

2. These Guys Know Their History. Of the four seniors (Cedric Bozeman, Ryan Hollins, Michael Fey, Janou Rubin), three of them are history majors (Rubin is a Sociology Major), which tells us, well, nothing. But it s still interesting.

3. They re Finally Back On Top Of The Pac-10. At 14-4 in conference, they captured their first Pac-10 title in nine years. The best part? Their rotation includes only two seniors and no juniors, so the best should be yet to come ‚ÄĒ if Farmar and Afflalo stay in school. ‚ÄĒ Jon Reed