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Jean Segura's Nine-Month-Old Son Passed Away

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Milwaukee Brewers shortstop Jean Segura learned after last night's game against the Cardinals that his infant son, Janniel, passed away in the Dominican Republic. According to manager Ron Roenicke, he had been battling an undisclosed illness but, as recently as yesterday, the family thought he was getting better. Unfortunately, Segura's mother and uncle, who were in Milwaukee, learned near the end of the game that Janniel passed and tried to get the news to him.


"We got word at the end of the game through his mom to one of the wives, and then the wife to her husband, and then to Seggy.

"So, obviously it's tough on him. He didn't learn about it until after the game was over and one of the players came over and told him."

Ugh. Just brutal. Carlos Gomez, a friend and teammate, became a sort of spokesman for Segura and offered some more heartbreaking context today.

"It's tough," said Gomez, who has two young boys of his own. "After I leave last night, I can't wait to come home and hug my kid and sleep with my kid. It's hard to imagine. It's painful.

"It's not my kid, but I feel like it."

Gomez said he had no idea anything was amiss until he emerged from the shower and saw Segura crying.

"I went up and asked him what's happening. He said, 'My child passed away,'" Gomez said. "When everybody found out what's going on, it's tough.

"I didn't have any details but I didn't want to ask him last night. I didn't want to talk too much. We just gathered around him and gave him support, and talked to him a little bit."

There is no timetable for Segura's return; it's unclear to Roenicke if he even will return.

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