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One Labor Day golf foursome in Florida turned into a nightmare when a 38-year-old man in the group lost his temper, hit another member with a putter, and threatened the others with the then-broken putter.


Michael Rich was arrested and charged with aggravated battery at Madison Green Golf Club in Royal Palm Beach. His alleged behavior ruined a chill golf outing for the rest of his group.

Tony Nazzaro and his friend Roy Hall were paired with Rich and another golfer, since the club was busy. Nazzaro said Rich was an unfriendly dick who went ballistic over a joke. Via WESH:

On the 7th hole, as Nazzaro tended the pin for Rich's shot, he said Rich complained that Nazzaro didn't move his ball and mark it.

"I said, 'What, is this a $100,000 putt or something?' It was a joke," said Nazzaro.

Nazzaro said Rich became enraged and started using his cleats to dig up the green, saying "I'm walking in your line, I'm walking in your line."

That's when Nazzaro pulled out his phone to call the golf pro.

Deputies said Rich used his putter to slam Hall in the back of the legs, taking him down. The blow was so hard the head of the putter sheared off, and Rich began threatening the others with what was now "a sword," said Nazzaro.

"I'm going to stick you in the (expletive) eye, I'm going to stab you in the liver," Nazzaro said Rich told him.


Rich got within range of Nazzaro and sliced Nazzaro's arm with the broken putter, according to the report. Nazzaro was treated at an emergency room and ended up being fine. Police arrested Rich at the course.


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