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Baseball players, you see, they're pranksters. Whether it's the hot foot, the rookie hazing or just a cream pie in the face during a television interview, those ballplayers, they like to fool around. Spend six months out of the year with the same 24 guys, hey, what's a little tomfoolery from time to time? It happens.

And former legendary Royals third baseman George Brett, well, he's a Hall of Famer jokester. Need proof? Witness his classic practical joke on current Royals coach Andre David.

You see, David was born in Afghanistan.

This is all a world-class jester like Brett needed. Hence ... his plan. First, he wrote "Ahmed Mohammed Ahi" on the brim of David's hat. It was noticed when David attempted to board a plane in Orlando; he was pulled out of line and forced to go through extra security. While rummaging through David's luggage, they found not only the hat, but also — and here's the genius part! — several loose plastic knives that Brett had sneaked into David's bag.


"I got taken into a special room," says David. "Then they found [the] plastics knives George had put in my laptop bag. Fortunately, it all worked out."

Uh, yeah: Fortunately. That George Brett: What a character.

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