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The story surrounding former NFL kicker Rob Bironas's fatal car crash continues to get weirder and weirder. Last night, it was reported that Bironas tried to run a woman off the road just minutes before crashing his car. Now, a college student is claiming that Bironas also accosted him and his friends on the same road, and tried to sideswipe the car they were in.

From The Tennessean:

Connor Fraley said he was a passenger in a vehicle driving behind Bironas' white SUV on Battery Lane when he and others in the truck noticed a burning smell coming from Bironas' vehicle.

"His window was down, and we pulled up and I said, "Hey man, just a heads up, something's burning from your exhaust. Your exhaust smells horrible, just wanted to let you know,'' Fraley recalled telling Bironas. "He looked over at me and said "I'm going to kill everybody in your (expletive) vehicle. It was so random, so bizarre I was like, "What?" And he said the exact same thing again."

Fraley said the Ford F-150 he was a passenger in turned left on Franklin Road, and Bironas followed them. Another Belmont student was driving the truck, Fraley was in the front seat and two female students were in the back seat. Fraley said they sped up to get away, but Bironas sped after them.

At one point, near the Thompson Lane overpass, "he tried to sideswipe the vehicle and missed us by a foot."


What exactly Bironas was doing on the road that night remains unclear. Bironas's wife told police that he said goodnight to her and presumably went to bed at around 10:30 p.m., but was missing when she went to check on him later. Shortly thereafter, she called police to tell them that her husband was missing.

[The Tennessean]

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