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The New York Jets got stomped to hell by the San Diego Chargers yesterday, and the 31-0 blowout was so bad that Jets starting quarterback Geno Smith was yanked before the start of the second half. Smith's day got even more embarrassing after the game, a report claimed that he'd missed a team meeting on Saturday night. And then, things somehow got even more embarrassing for the Jets as a whole.

According to ESPN's Rich Cimini, Smith and a few other players missed the Saturday night meeting because they were at a movie and got "messed up" by the time zone shift after traveling from New York to San Diego. What a bunch of dummies, right? Everyone's phone automatically adjusts the clock to new time zones these days, so how could they mess that up?

The Jets confirmed's reporting that said Smith was late because he got confused by the time difference. Coach Rex Ryan always keeps the team on Eastern time for West Coast trips, but Smith was thrown off because he saw the time on his cellphone, which showed Pacific time, a source said. The mix-up happens to a player on every West Coast trip, another source said.


Goddammit, Jets. Keeping the team's schedule on east coast time is presumably supposed to help players stick to their usual sleeping patterns and whatnot, but is it really so hard to just tell them something like, "Hey, remember to go to bed like three hours earlier than normal."? If the current policy leads to at least one player getting confused on every single trip the team takes out west, maybe it's time to scrap the policy.


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