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Jay Bilas Gets Into The Most Boring Twitter Fight Ever

ESPN talking head Jay Bilas often leads the good fight against the NCAA. It was he who almost singlehandedly forced the NCAA to stop selling athlete jerseys, and he applied a good deal of the pressure that forced Kansas State to let Leticia Romero and Alabama to let Daisha Simmons transfer schools despite draconian NCAA bylaws. The New Republic went so far as to call Bilas "the most righteous man at ESPN."


But none of that excuses getting into a dumb ole Twitter fight, and Bilas must be feeling pretty good about his brand spanking new ESPN contract because he got into what might be the longest (and therefore, dumbest) Twitter fight we've ever seen.

It started when Bilas criticized the University of Tennessee for cutting six scholarship track athletes from the team:

He was responded to by the Winthrop University compliance office Twitter account—no, we don't know why on earth the Winthrop University compliance office has a Twitter account either—and what followed was 80 tweets worth of back and forth. We get it, Jay. The NCAA sucks and this compliance officer (and every compliance officer) has a lame argument, but my god, give it a rest.

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