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• Bolton 0-2 Chelsea. Chelsea's now just 4 points away from clinching the league title, and they can do it Monday if they beat Everton and Man United fails to beat Tottenham. I'm kinda starting to dislike Chelsea.

• Everton 0-1 Tottenham. Robbie Keane scores on a penalty kick for Tottenham, keeping them in 4th place and on track for a spot in year's Champions League. Everton, meanwhile... well, they're just kinda... there.

• Arsenal 3-1 West Brom. It's quite the holiday weekend... not only is tomorrow Easter, but today was Dennis Bergkamp Day, though I did not receive a chocolate Dennis Bergkamp in a little basket with gake green grass. The retiring Bergkamp responded by scoring a sweet goal, keeping Arsenal four points back of Tottenham for that Champions League spot, with just four league games left for each side to play.

• Leeds 1-1 Reading, Sheffield United promoted to the Premiership next year. The Sheffs (I don't know if anyone calls them that, I just made it up. Actually, I think they're called the 'Blades,' but the 'Sheffs' just sounds better to me. Either that, or the fighting Garys) haven't been in the big league for 12 years.