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The place was Dallas, Texas. The time was May 2006. Highland Park High School's senior class had just graduated and was ready to get down at the All-Night Party. And get down, we did, as you can see. The girl in the front looking halfway horrified is me. The man in the green shirt behind me is Matthew Stafford. Let's party like it's 2006.

This picture was taken at the party sometime around midnight—during, if I'm remembering correctly, some sort of dance competition. What you see on the sides are a bunch of drunk white kids getting their fucking grind on. Stafford and I went to high school together, and no, we have not kept in touch. This picture was probably the last contact I had with him. He obviously went on to be an NFL quarterback, and I went on to be a Pro League Blogger. It's basically the same thing. (Hello! I'm writing for the Concourse now! Looking forward to arguing with you all about rap!)


The shirtless guy was named Pan, and he is not jerking off.

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