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Robert Allenby Spent $3,400 At A Strip Club On Night Of Alleged Attack

Illustration for article titled Robert Allenby Spent $3,400 At A Strip Club On Night Of Alleged Attack has managed to piece together a few more bits of information from the night pro golfer Robert Allenby claims he was kidnapped, beaten, and robbed in Honolulu, Hawaii. Allenby's story has been springing leaks almost from the moment it became public, and has just poked a few more.


After conducting a number of interviews with people who came into contact with Allenby on the night of the alleged kidnapping, was able to lay out a rough timeline of events. It goes like this:

  • After having dinner with his caddie and another friend at a wine bar called Amuse, Allenby began talking with two men and a woman inside the bar. They left the building together at 11:06 p.m.
  • A few minutes later, somebody used Allenby's credit card to purchase two bottles of tequila at a local liquor store. Allenby claims that there has since been a $20,000 bill run up on that card.
  • About 20 minutes after he left the restaurant, two homeless men found Allenby passed out on a corner 100 yards from Amuse. The men say that Allenby was out of sorts, and asked them where "the third guy" was, who was apparently supposed to come and pick Allenby up.
  • Allenby is next spotted at a strip club one mile away from Amuse. Multiple witnesses who were at the club confirmed with that Allenby was there that night and rung up a $3,400 tab with a "group of friends."
  • At 1:00 a.m., the same homeless men who had come across Allenby earlier in the night found him again, about 50 feet from where they first found him. This is when, according to the homeless men, Allenby nodded off and busted his own face up when he fell onto a rock.
  • At about 1:27 a.m., Allenby was helped into a cab by a homeless woman named Charade Keane.

Allenby and his caddie believe that Allenby was drugged by the three people who approached him in the wine bar. Allenby continues to claim that doesn't remember anything from the time that he left the wine bar to when Keane helped him into a cab. At this point, the big question that needs to be answered is who the hell those three people Allenby left the wine bar with are.