There's a lot to love about this video. First of all, it's not about making cheesesteaks. Second of all: fuck yeah, Philadelphia. This is the way to tailgate: four dudes in an outdoor hot tub drinking Wild Turkey in chilly-ass Philadelphia.

Dennis, the genius, is even wearing snorkeling fins. Someone throws a pepper in the water for a soup-making joke. But the best is from the old man, who is Dennis's dad. Turns out dad lied to the reporter off-screen and told him that it was his idea. Dennis sets him straight and then dad goes all the way back to the beginning. Dad -> Dad's sperm -> Dennis -> Dennis's Idea. Good thing it wasn't actually dad's idea, though, or we might never have seen this video.


Dennis and his dad plan to watch the game from the hot tub. It bears repeating that this game does not even start until 8:00 p.m.

[NBC 10]