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We've seen enough movies to know that whenever a shaman from South America shows up, it's not long before someone ends up with a paralyzing blow gun dart in the neck. But all tendencies toward curses and shrunken heads will be suspended, we're told, for the duration of the World Cup, as an official Ecuadorian shaman is scheduled to visit all 12 Cup venues in Germany to banish evil spirits before the opening round on June 9. According to ESPN SoccerNet:

Tzamarenda Naychapi — a priest who practices magic for healing, divination and controlling events — let out a loud scream to chase away evil spirits in the center of the pitch at Leipzig's Zentralstadion on Monday. "I've come to Leipzig to purify this important place for the World Cup and to bring positive energy," said the 36-year-old.

Oh good, for a minute there we thought the whole thing was going to be a farce.

Um, any chance of the shaman making a house call at the new Buzzsaw Cardinals Stadium in Phoenix? Just asking.


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