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There is a certain logic to the career arc of someone like Jenn Sterger, the so-called Facebook Princess, Florida State sideline candy and "sweet girl." You start out hitting parties, add a boob job, post some pictures online, show up in Maxim and then, inevitably, you end up in Playboy. Next thing you know, it's time to graduate. The job market can be scary!

Anyway, the Sterger Playboy picture has hit the Web, and if you're one of those people who gets concerned about NSFW photos, we'd highly suggest waiting to click this link until you get home.


Now that Sterger has officially done all that she can with the gifts that have brought her this far, we suggest real estate — people will always want land! — or maybe teaching English abroad. Anybody else thinking Prague? Put off the real world as long as you can, honey. Remember, though: Dad's watching.

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