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Perhaps realizing once and for all that having a leaf in your logo doesn't exactly make us think you're the toughest network around — as opposed to, say, SPIKE TV, DUDE! — the Outdoor Life Network is changing its name to "Versus" in September, just in time for NHL season.

The network fancies itself a potential competitor with ESPN, though its attempts to get an NFL game this year went for naught. Not that it's limiting itself to games with just people in them.

"Whether it is man vs. man, man vs. beast or team vs. team, the channel will celebrate sports at its best, where athletes and sportsmen compete at their highest levels with the greatest passion," the network said in a statement.

We guarantee you, if Versus has plenty of "man vs. beast" competitions, we will most certainly watch. Like that time when the hot dog eating champion went up against a bear. Frankly, we'd think all sports could use a bear.

Outdoor Life Network To Become Versus []