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After Kobe Bryant's triumphant repudiation of apparant NBA MVP Steve Nash last night, it seems clear that the Lakers-Suns series is going to be a lot more fun than anyone could have anticipated. But because this is Kobe, and Kobe is weird, people are still talking about his unusual decision to change his uniform number. Kobe isn't say why he's changing it, but Deadspin reader Jack Kogod has a theory that, frankly, makes a lot of sense to us.

[Michael] Jordan is set to release the latest incarnation in his signature happens to be the Jordan XXIII, many have speculated for some time that it would be fitting for this to be the end of the series. The hype is already out of control on the release (next year's all star game) in the sneakerhead community (don't judge me, i wear dunks).

Now that Kobe's image has been rehabilitated to a proper extent, Nike is looking to cash in on the investment they made. Get ready for the KOBE 24. Basically Kobe is going to pick up where MJ left off, in fact the releases may sync up perfectly. Expect the 24 to be the first in a signature line of Kobe shoes...but what's the logo gonna be.

I'm entirely confident in this presumption. It explains the new #24 but more importantly it explains why they made a change.

See? As always, it's all about the shoes.

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(UPDATE: A shoe rep emails us: ""Close but no cigar on the Kobe/Jordan/ Nike theory. We're only on Jordan XXI right now. XXII comes out next year. XXIII comes out in two years. ))