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Ah, Keith Foulke. Today the mere mention of the name sends both Red Sox fans and fantasy baseball owners to jump into the nearest bush shrubbery, but back before he was out licking his World Series ring with groupies, he was the postseason hero of a Red Sox team that — and this will be difficult to remember — was actually kind of charming at the time. No, really. Lots of people thought so.

So anyway, Foulke, realizing that the only parts of his career worth remembering have already happened, has decided to stake his claim to history. He wants the World Series-winning baseball.

"It's not on my mantel where it should be," Foulke told the Hartford Courant. "As far as I know, I've never heard of a team wanting the ball so badly. It's one of those deals where I got the last out. I think that's kind of the common practice in baseball [to give the ball to the pitcher on the mound]."

Foulke, who went on to say that he'd like his shoes back from the Hall of Fame, is obviously trying to hang on to every smidgen of 2004 as he can. You know, somewhere in Foulke's study, there are two shelves of differing kinds of lip gloss, all mementos of an older, simpler time. Some are even bronzed. Those were truly special.

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