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• Keith Olbermann, leather aficionado.
• We are your one-stop shop for all your scoreboard racing needs.
• Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, fashion mogul.
Bobby Knight loves him some golf.
• It is unwise to taunt Ricky Manning Jr. with your obnoxious portable computing hardware.
Say goodnight, Jenn Sterger.
Gregg Easterbrook returns to Page 2. Dradle, dradle ... made it out of clay ...
• Boy, Alex Rodriguez sure does love playing for the Yankees!
It's Keggy!

Well, tomorrow's NFL Draft Day, so everybody strap in, print out the NFL Drinking Game and come back here all weekend. As always, The Mighty MJD will be here, and this weekend he'll be accompanied by Football Outsiders' Michael David Smith, who is like Mel Kiper Jr. but with much better hair (and without that stupid ESPN Mobile phone). We can't wait to check back in all weekend, and neither should you.

Have fun. Root for Leinart for the Buzzsaw. Our fingers are crossed.