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And with a quickness, the Titans select Vince Young. Normally, I'm rooting for them to speed this thing up. Doing Deadspin, though... I'd like them to slow the hell down.

Here's MDS:

3. Tennessee Titans: Vince Young, QB, Texas

Of all the pure silliness passing itself off as "analysis" that appeared in the run-up to the draft, the silliest might have been this from Peter King's cover story on Vince Young in this week's Sports Illustrated:


"In the last 20 years NFL teams have drafted 43 quarterbacks in the first round, each time thinking, This is the guy who's going to lead us to a championship. But only two of those players — Troy Aikman (Dallas Cowboys, drafted in 1989) and Ben Roethlisberger (Pittsburgh Steelers, 2004) — have won a Super Bowl as a starter with the team that picked them. Two for 43. That's a batting average of .047."

Yes, .047 is a bad batting average. King doesn't explain why he thinks teams that draft first-round quarterbacks should win the Super Bowl at the same rate as baseball players get hits, though. I guess King thinks it ought to be more like 13 out of 43, since that would equate to about a .300 batting average? The problem is, 32 teams get first-round picks each year, and only one can win the Super Bowl. So obviously, the majority of first-round picks don't get Super Bowl rings with the team that drafted them. If you read King's piece on Vince Young and came away thinking the Titans shouldn't draft him, you might be right. But stay away from King's bizarre mixing of metaphors, mixing of statistics and mixing of sports.