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Said Mark Schlereth of the D'Brickashaw Ferguson pick, "You show me a team with a great left tackle, and I'll show you a team who can compete, year-in, year-out." I hate to quibble, but... Baltimore Ravens?

Onto the #5 pick, who's job it will be to make Brett Favre happy, in any way possible. Because that's what we're all put on earth for.


Immediately after the pick, they show some Green Bay fans celebrating... one of them has on a Javon Walker jersey with "Walker" taped over, on top of which he wrote, "Trader." I think it's just so wrong to accuse Javon Walker of being a Wall Street trader. Ruthless, these guys.

Whatchya got, MDS?

5. Green Bay Packers: A.J. Hawk, OLB, Ohio State

Laura Quinn is currently at her sewing machine, stitching up a half Notre Dame, half Packers jersey. (In case you missed all 742 cutaways during the Fiesta Bowl, Hawk is dating Laura Quinn, the sister of Notre Dame quarterback Brady Quinn. Our favorite sign of last college football season was the "A.J. Bangs Catholics" one held up by an Ohio State fan.) Note to A.J.: long hair works for Troy Polamalu. It doesn't work for you.