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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Man Throws Urine At Tour De France Leader Chris Froome

Illustration for article titled Man Throws Urine At Tour De France Leader Chris Froome

During Saturday’s Stage 14 of the Tour de France, tour leader Chris Froome says a man threw a cup of urine at him. The modern-day John Wilkes Booth gave new meaning to the term “yellow jacket jersey” when he yelled “doper!” before tossing a cup of urine at Froome.


Froome’s teammate Richie Porte has also been dealing with abuse, claiming a spectator punched him a few days earlier during a climb up the Pyrenees. Both Porte and Froome said constant questions about doping have turned public opinion agains the riders, especially in the case of Froome, who is dominating the tournament so far. However, we believe some more important questions need to be asked here.

How long was the urine tosser holding a cup of what we presume was his own urine? Did he bring the urine with him from home, or was this an on-the-site job? What bodily fluid would have to be thrown at Froome for him to say fuck this and give up on his dream of winning the Tour de France?


Whatever the case may be, we’re not complaining. I didn’t even know the Tour de France was happening right now. They should make avoiding urine tosses part of the competition every year. Maybe then people would watch.

Photo via Associated Press


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