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When Kobe Bryant only shoots the ball three times in the second half, and the team's second-leading scorer is Luke Walton, that can't be considered a positive sign for the Lakers. They might as well have been the Washington Generals last night. The only thing missing from the Suns 121-90 romp over the Lakers was Steve Nash throwing a bucket of confetti in Smush Parker's face.

The Suns played just about a perfect game last night. Leandro Barbosa was outstanding, as were Boris Diaw and Steve Nash, and the Suns forced the tempo, fast-breaked, and pick-and-rolled their way right through the Lakers, saving us all from two weeks of having the phrase "Hallway Series" pounded into our heads.


The Lakers played some great games early in the series, but at some point, it's going to become evident that Kwame Brown and Smush Parker are, unfortunately, still Kwame Brown and Smush Parker. Kwame was 2-10 last night, missing a lot of buckets around the hoop, which really put the Lakers in a big hole early. Smush Parker... well, I wouldn't have blamed Kobe Bryant if he punched Smush in the face everytime it looked like he was even thinking about taking a shot. And defensively, if the Suns put Smush Parker and Kwame Brown in a pick and roll, referee Steve Javie should've just stopped the game and awarded the Suns two points, just to save everyone the embarrassment.

So, no Hallway Series for you. I'm OK with it, because I think the Clippers/Suns matchup is a good one, and I don't know if I would have enjoyed the 60-70 minutes per game of shots of celebrities in the crowd. I'm sick of Billy Crystal as it is.