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We've got a lot of smart readers here. I really think someone should figure out a way to rig this contest, in which you could get a NASCAR race named after you. I've never watched more than 5 minutes of any sort of a car race in my life, but maybe I could be persuaded to watch one if it was called oh, I dunno... The Will Leitch 400? Let's make it happen.

You can enter here. Other suggestions I think you should keep in mind when you figure out how to hack this thing:


• The "Luke Schenscher" 400. Just because.
• The "On This Race, John Daly Will Probably Lose About" 400
• The "Peyton Chesney" 400
• The "Aramis Ramirez is 0 for" 400. He's crippling my fantasy team.

Suddenly, I'm a Huge Nascar Fan []