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And things just got a little more difficult. The Mavs have just tasted defeat for the first time in the postseason, losing Game One of their highly-anticipated series against the Spurs, 87-85. Tim Duncan, creaky old man with the bum ankle, went for 31 points and 13 boards. Jerry Stackhouse led the Mavs with 24, as Dirk Nowitzki was held to 20 points on 8-of-20 shooting. No word on what the loss did to the size of Mark Cuban's penis.

It came down to one 14-second possession for the Mavs, in need of two points to force overtime. Dirk Nowitzki was hassled by Bruce Bowen, and he couldn't get a shot off. He went cross-court to Jerry Stackhouse, Manu Ginobili tipped the pass, bought the Spurs some time, and pinned Stackhouse in the corner, forcing an airball as time expired.


I thought the Spurs might have been a little vulnerable today, given the 36-hour rest, the travel, and the physical six-game series, but then again, the Mavs have had a long layoff themselves. Regardless, both teams played Game One at a pretty high level, and this has the potential to really be an incredible series.

Spurs 87, Mavericks 85 []
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