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Some notes on Barry Bonds, who hit home run No. 713 on Sunday in Philadelphia, leaving him one away from tying Babe Ruth for second place on the all-time list:

• Philadelphia fans outdid themselves over the weekend, taunting Bonds at every turn. Great signage, and we especially liked the three guys dressed as juice boxes. Some confusing moments, however, as with this guy, seen holding up a sign that reads: "Char." Made sense to him, we suppose.


• In the tradition of Where's Waldo, we invite readers to examine the photo to the left and see if you can spot an unusally large head; a noggin' larger even than Barry's. Good luck!

• We generally find Bob Costas somewhat shrill and Hobbit-like, but the return of HBO's Costas Now on Sunday, in which he reports on the steroid issue in baseball, is really worth a look, if for no other reason than the fact that he interviews Bob Gibson and Willie Mays. Gibson, of course, still intimidates the snot out of you even just sitting behind a desk. And the chat with Mays reminds us of how he elevated the game not only with his talent, but with his personality.

• Bonds actually had to share the fans' derision on Saturday, when a guy inexplicably showed up in the left field bleachers wearing a Terrrell Owens Cowboys jersey. Now, that requires a specal kind of crazy. No word yet if the guy survived.


• Anyone notice that San Francisco lost on Sunday, 9-5? The Giants have lost four in a row, and seven of their last eight. But, you go Barry. Rah.

The guy who caught No. 713, Carlos Oliveras, was able to hold on to the treasure by hiding it between his legs. He later had his picture taken with Bonds, who then refused to sign the ball. We're a little confused by that, but then we don't know why No. 713 would be worth much money anyway. (Oliveras did have to sign a waiver to appear on "Bonds On Bonds," though. Seriously.)

• Did you find the giant head? (first row on the railing, second from the right). Congratulations, and thanks for playing!