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It is perhaps telling that the three teams most would consider the best in the NBA played yesterday, and we — along with everyone else — are mostly compelled to talk about an individual whose team fell violently on its face. It's kind of all about LeBron James, who realized that it's much harder to win when the other team actually plays defense. We have a sneaking suspicion that serious is going to go no more than five games, which means it's very possibly people will forget about that Washington series after all.

Meanwhile, after the Spurs' victory over the Mavs, Dallas owner Mark Cuban apparently sprinted directly to his computer and posted a lengthy screed about playoff officiating. (Honestly, the game was barely over. Apparently the AT&T Center has good wireless.)


Anyway, with the elimination of Kobe Bryant and the Lakers over the weekend, we're slowly transforming back into "teams playing teams" storylines rather than "It's Kobe Vs. Steve!" headline matchups. Which is fine and good, we suppose. Though we still dream of LeBron vs. Wade ...

By the way, since we didn't get to do predictions before yesterday's games, we'd like to note that we had the Pistons in five and Mavericks in seven. So there.

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