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On Friday, we told you about a guy who called into gambling recovery expert Arnie Wexler's help hotline and basically was threatened, cajoled and called an "asshole" rather than assisted. One commenter ("dan") pointed out that the operator was less an ineffectual bad guy than "somebody who actually tries to help people not putting up with an obvious crank call."

Over the weekend, we heard from Wexler, and he backs up commenter dan's theory.

How come he did not tell you he some of the stuff he said like "I have a bet on a soccer game in Italy getting ready to go off" and asking me who i liked and other bulls—t stuff? This help line is for people who need/want help; it's not a joke line. We help 1000's of people a year who get help. If the guy wants help we would help himi, but if he does not he should not take up time from people who need and want help.

We appreciate Wexler writing in, and understand his position, but we still feel obliged to point out that, prank call or not, calling anyone — even a potential crank caller — an asshole when you're a helpline seems to veer a bit toward the presumptous. (It's a help hotline with a toll free number; one would think he's surely heard worse.) But we do want to note that it wasn't a sting, and Wexler's not-profit corporation is, on the whole, truly something that helps people. Particularly if they bet Cleveland yesterday. Ouch.

Yeah, See, That Doesn't Help [Deadspin]