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It would seem to us that a magazine for the active baby-boomer could potentially be a successful enterprise. The baby boomer can always be counted on to maximize his/her self-preservation, and they're getting to the point that they need to exercise and be as athletic as possible. A magazine hitting that demographic would seem to be an excellent idea.

But not, as Copyranter points out, if you name it "Geezerjock." From the official Web site:

Don't let the name fool you. This is a serious sports magazine for athletes just like you. GeezerJock doesn't write about college and pro athletes like every other magazine. It writes about you—the everyday adult athlete.

Because that's just the type of thing that an active 50-year-old likes to be called: "Geezer." Here's a tip, folks: When you have to say "don't let the name fool you" when you're referring to a name that you came up with, you're in trouble. As copyranter puts it, this is like the AARP magazine calling itself "2/3rds dead."

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