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The Nets and Heat tip off tonight in Miami, and it's fun to play the game of "Who's it less painful to root for: Pat Riley or Vince Carter?" Tough call, really; we tend to veer toward cutting Vince Carter some slack, if just because the guy clearly knows how to have a good time.

We don't mean to say that people aren't as excited about this series as they are the other three, but ... well, tickets in East Rutherford are still available.

Here's a look at the series from around the Web:

Daily Quickie: Nets in six.
YAYSports!: Nets in seven.
The Association: Heat in five.
J.E. Skeets: Nets in seven.
Complete Sports: Heat in seven.
Chris Sheridan: Nets in seven.
True Hoop: Heat in seven.
• Deadspin: Heat in six. Even though Gary Payton is the only point guard we know more tired and washed up than Jason Kidd, we have a feeling the Nets, deep down, kind of stink.


Your predictions in the comments, if you can work yourselves up to it on a Monday.