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As we continue to try to make peace with ESPN's ridiculous Bonds coverage last evening, we strap on our Fire Joe Morgan helmet for a moment and present our favorite moment from last night's telecast, as relayed by a reader (and mentioned by a couple of commenters):

"As Barry walks into left field, he is faced with a massive banner, that must be held by 30 - 40 people across the first row of the left field bleachers. It reads, 'Babe did it on hot dogs and beer. Hank did it with class. How did you do it?'


Joe Morgan, clutching his Sports Emmy, says, 'The funny thing about that is that, wasn't beer illegal in Babe Ruth's day?'

Dude, totally. He's absolutely right. Whoa.

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(UPDATE: A reader points out: "Actually — and hardly surprisingly — Joe Morgan was still wrong. During prohibition, mass production, distribution and sales of booze was illegal. However, personal consumption was still very much legal. It's nice to see that even as somethings change, there are still things like Joe Morgan being wrong that you can always count on.)