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This Getty Images photo, taken before the Slovak football cup between Spartak Trnava and MFK Ruzomberok — ah, if only American sports had teams with such inventive nomenclature! — reminds us once again why everyone should be excited for the World Cup: More police dogs per participant than any other sporting event on the planet.

It's a surprise, somewhat, that President Bush said yesterday that he was so unfamiliar with the World Cup. To quote: "As a boy, I never even saw a soccer ball," Bush told a German newspaper. "Where I'm from, soccer wasn't played. The sport just didn't exist. So there is a generation of Americans who really aren't soccer fans."


As much as we might like to make a cheap joke here, we're actually envious of the President. We were sadly all too familiar with soccer balls where we grew up. Usually they had the center cut out and a plant growing in the middle.

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