Thereā€™s trash talk and then thereā€™s TRASH TALK, and Nick Kyrgios engaged in the latter tonight. Taking on Stan Wawrinka in the second round of Rogers Cup action in Montreal, Kyrgios muttered under his breath* ā€œKokkinakis banged your girlfriendā€ to Wawrinka, referring to 76th-ranked Thanasi Kokkinakis. Iā€™m all for spirited trash talk, but thatā€™s not very nice!

After beating Wawrinka 6-7, 6-3, 4-0 (Wawrinka retired due to injury), Kyrgios fessed up:

Update (12:50 a.m.): The post has been updated with a much better video of the comment. The original Vine is below.


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