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We find it noteworthy that, two days into the conference semifinals, the most interesting stories we're reading are not about the Heat or the Nets or the Mavericks or the Clippers or any of that, but, of course, as always, they're about Kobe Bryant. (The first story's about why the sadness that comes with no longer being able to hate Kobe; the second's about the dangers of trying to be Jordan.)

Anyway, there were, in fact, two playoff games with teams still alive going on last night, with the Suns continuing their assault on the corridors of Los Angeles by beating the Clippers, and, perhaps more surprising, the Nets pounding the Heat in Miami. We actually have a suspicion last night was an aberration — Jason Kidd won't shoot like that again, and Richard Jefferson might be hurt — but we will say that if Vince Carter were Kobe Bryant, there's a different tenor to the conversation today.

Of course, that's a scary thought.

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