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So, who do you suppose will be the worst hooligans at the World Cup? We can pretty much rule out Switzerland. Trinidad and Tobago? The Ivory Coast? Let's just say they'd better keep a close eye on Togo. No, actually, the World Cup countries with the worst reputation for soccer violence, we understand, are Poland, England, Ukraine and the Netherlands. Wow, you surprised us with that last one. We also understand from our soccer-loving friend Mike Cardillo of That's On Point, that Mexico is no walk in the park, although we're not sure if they have hooligans per se.

German police, however, are preparing for one unruly nation more than any other. And they should know. It's Germany. "What gives me headaches sometimes is thinking about how we are going to keep our own 10,000 hooligans in line," said Michael Endler, head of ZIS, Germany's office for sports information. Endler pointed out that, while some nations are notorious for soccer hooliganism, most of the violence occurs between rival teams within those nations. That's not likely to spill over into the World Cup. Germans, however, seem to prefer International violence.

Wow. Go figure.

Worst World Cup Hooligans? Home Team. [MSNBC]