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And, at last, they arrive.

For generations, man has struggled with the eternal question: How find woman? How make woman go to bed? But with one phrase, brilliant in its simplicity, devastating in its effectiveness, all has been revealed. You're With Me, Leather. It is all there is, and all there ever needed to be.


This shirt captures this rare cultural moment in all its understated glory. They're 100% cotton, lovingly made sweatshop-free in downtown LA by American Apparel. And they do not feature the Deadspin logo, because perfection can not be improved upon. Ideal for chasing down ESPN crowd cameras and background GameDay shots. It's a beautiful thing.

Plus, it's a certain ESPN broadcaster's birthday today. It's the gift that keeps on giving.

You can buy them right here. They may take a while to ship, but we hope you find it worth the wait.

"You're With Me Leather" T-Shirts [Gawker Shop]