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Scott's Shots has the incredibly disturbing details of the Atlanta man who was sentenced Monday to five years probation for leaving threatening messages and sending violent letters to various ESPN personalities.

Scott's Shots digs up the most gruesome notes, which we'll let you read there, because we don't have the stomach to cut and paste them, let alone type them out. The man — who is currently confined in a psychiatric facility — believed various (unnamed) anchors were snooping on his personal papers and income tax filings. The man actually threatened to drive to Bristol and kill various anchors, to the point that one anchor said he was "afraid to check my voicemail."


We hope that the man getting the help he obviously needs will put the victimized anchors (and their families) at ease, at least for the time being. Speaking of the time being, perhaps it's time for ESPN Mobile to pull those "crazy stalker outside Bristol" ads they've been running for the past few weeks. Suddenly, it doesn't seem very funny. Not that it ever did.

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